Maximizing RAIN RFID Portal Efficiency: The Ideal Antenna Configuration

RAIN RFID portals play a crucial role in numerous industries by facilitating the efficient tracking and management of assets and personnel. With this antenna configuration guide you can confidently build a high performing RFID portal with 100% read accuracy.

A5010 vs. A5020CP Antennas: Enhancing RFID Applications with Precision and Coverage

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your RFID system, selecting a suitable antenna is paramount. Here, we compare two prominent antennas - the A5010 Circularly Polarized (CP) and the A5020 Circularly Polarized (CP) – to help you choose the right one for your project.

Enhancing Airport Efficiency with RFID Technology

At the heart of efficient RFID-based baggage tracking systems lies the hardware that makes it all possible. We offer a diverse range of airport antennas designed to address the specific challenges faced by airport operations

The Decade-Long RFID Partnership: Times-7 and Arcadian

Witnessing the rising demand for RFID solutions in the US market, Times-7 sought an American stocker and distributor. In December 2012, we took a strategic step towards strengthening our presence in North America by appointing Arcadian Inc. as our US distributor.

How we got our name: The Story Behind Times-7

Did you know that our company name is inspired by the incredible speed at which radio waves emitted by our antennas can travel? In just one second, they can circumnavigate the globe seven us the name Times-7!!

Creating a Close Proximity Read Zone with a Near Field Antenna

Creating a close proximity read zone in RFID applications can bring numerous benefits, including improved accuracy, reduced interference, and enhanced data capture.