RTAS Compression Testing

The Times-7 Race Timing Antenna System (RTAS) is preferred by customers all over the world as the fastest and easiest to deploy RFID timing mats in the market.  Well known to be extremely durable, with customer deployments growing rapidly since its first debut as the A5530 mat antenna in 2007, Times-7’s RTAS is a proven endurance performer.  Many customers have told us they’ve witnesses the RTAS mats survive heavy traffic.  Until this year, we hadn’t attempted to measure and document the weight bearing characteristics.  We set out to do exactly that in March, using external specialist equipment to validate what customers were already telling us.

Using a hydraulic press to emulate vehicle load, Times-7 ultra-low profile ground mat antenna was compressed with a 10,000 lb load. The RTAS mat withstood more than 600psi. By contrast, the maximum contact surface pressure of a 42,000 lb tandem axle garbage truck is 215psi. We can say with a high degree of confidence that the weight bearing properties for the RTAS mat are in excess of any typical heavy commercial vehicle.

To see more on the RTAS http://www.times-7.com/rtas-uhf-rfid-race-timing-antenna-system.html

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