The Multi-facetted A5060

The A5060 is our exciting new addition to the SlimLine range of multi-purpose antennas.

As the name of the range indicates, the A5060 multi-purpose antenna is suitable for various applications.

Below, we will tell you why and provide examples.

Special features of the A5060:

  • The A5060 is a high gain antenna with a read range of up to 10 m / 33 ft.
  • It is designed with a multi-element array to avoid distortion, which offers maximum readability in a highly reflective and densely populated tag environment.
  • Its standard physical size (600 mm x 300 mm / 2’ x 1’) allows the A5060 to be readily mounted behind ceiling tiles, in cabinets or to cover large bench tops.

Click here for the datasheet.


Industrial Portal

The IP65 rating and the 10.5 dBiC gain specification makes this antenna highly suitable for industrial applications. A densely packed asset with numerous tags can be identified accurately with almost no effort. A standalone portal can be realized with four A5060 antennas (see picture) with one antenna overhead and the other three on the sides, mounted offset to one another. All possible tag orientations will be captured due to A5060`s circular polarization and A5060 antenna`s locations. The antennas on the sides are offset such that the antennas do not face each other and induce maximum coverage within the portal. Almost all assets can be tracked with greater accuracy using our A5060 antenna.












Ceiling Tiles Antenna Configuration

The A5060 antenna can be deployed behind standard ceiling tiles to actively monitor assets in a workspace without necessarily altering the existing setup. Unlike other antennas, the installation will be straight forward and hassle free.  The A5060 antenna is designed to accommodate standard ceiling tiles. The antenna is fire retardant hence complying the building safety requirements.






Vehicle Tolling/Vehicle Access Control

The A5060 antenna’s 10.5 dBiC gain is powerful enough to read vehicular tags, e.g. embedded in the windscreen or the number plate, from greater distances. The 25° narrow beam can be used to create confined zones for each lane. The antenna is IP65 rated and is suitable for permanent outdoor applications.






Tool Tracking

The A5060 antenna is a good choice to track tools in a tool cabinetry. Highly reflective metallic environments are a challenge for traditional RFID antennas. A5060 is a multi-element antenna by design hence it is less affected by metallic assets and just need to be in the line of sight of the antenna to be read efficiently. The tools will have to be typically tagged using ‘on-metal’ tags.






Warehouse Shelving Application

The A5060 antenna is robust in its construction for industrial application. The antenna’s footprint fits both metric and imperial shelves. The slim antenna offers a snug fit inside the shelf without engulfing a lot of useful space. The multi-element antenna design keeps the antenna’s beam active in every nook and corner. Due to the limited surface dead zones, assets in the shelves can be monitored in real-time with great accuracy.






Laundry Applications

With its high gain, the A5060 antenna has the potential to read through densely packed laundry items. The antennas can either be configured as a standalone industrial portal to track trolleys full of laundry goods or can be used in a conveyor to track movement. The antenna’s confined RF emission eliminated stray tag reads. The antennas can also be used over the bench tops in packing/folding stations. Spray cleaning for hygiene reasons is no problem as the antenna is IP65 rated.












If you have any further questions about the A5060 or would like to know whether it is suitable for your individual application, please contact us.

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