A5020 - Setting A New Benchmark

The A5020 is a multi-purpose antenna with a unique combination of features, which sets new benchmarks in the RFID market.

Here we will show you a handful of applications, this little antenna is ideal for:

Medical & Pharmaceutical

The A5020 can operate at low-temperature extremes. High-value pharmaceutical assets can be tracked in fridges and freezers using the A5020 antenna. The slim design maximizes the usable space inside of a refrigerator. The antenna can handle general purpose cleaning agents and is water resistant. The white colored A5020 antenna is suitable for hospitals, medical laboratories, research industries and pharma labs.



The A5020 can easily be deployed in space-constrained environments such as retail. With its superb aesthetics and compact design, the A5020 antenna blends well into the retail back drop.

Kiosks and Point of Sale

The A5020 antenna’s RF radiation can be confined in a zone while operating at low power. This is practically achievable due to its low gain nature. The antenna is best suited for kiosks and POS applications where a confined read zone is a key requirement. The antenna is aesthetically appealing and fits into every POS environment.

Waste Management

The A5020 is IP68 rated, meaning it is suitable for permanent outdoor installations. The ‘all-plastic’-housing prevents the antenna from corroding. The antenna is moderately impact resistant and can be water blasted. The ~100° beam-width of the A5020 antenna makes wheelie bin detection easy and straight-forward. The antenna can be cleaned with cleaning agents and it would not be adversely affected. The physical size of the antenna is small and thus installation in waste management trucks is hassle free.

For more detailed information on the A5020, please download the datasheet or contact info@times-7.com.


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