UHF RFID reader compatibility

All Times-7 antennas are compatible with RFID readers regardless of the brand as long as it works in the UHF frequency range. An FCC antenna requires a UHF RFID reader that works in the FCC frequency range (902-928MHz ) and an ETSI antenna a reader that operates in the ETSI frequency range (865-867MHz).

Some UHF readers may require a DC resistance for antenna detection, which is provided by all our antennas of both frequency ranges.

Monostatic vs. bistatic readers

While most UHF readers operate monostatic, which means the same antenna will be used for both receiving and transmitting. Others work on a bistatic system using separate antennas for either transmitting or receiving RF energy. However, Times-7 antennas can be used for both systems.

Choose the right cable

Dependent on the reader model cable accessory may be required to connect to our antennas. Times-7 supplies a selection of standard cable accessories at competitive prices, which are also compatible with all standard UHF RFID readers in the market. On top of that, Times-7 will also make custom cable accessories for special readers which do not bear the standard RPTNC tube connector. 

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