The A5020 - an antenna for all reasons

The A5020 is designed to simplify customers’ lives, and its robust nature and superior performance make it the best quality for price antenna in the market.

The numerous features of this compact 150 mm/5.9 inch square antenna enable it to be a vital component in a large number of applications.

The A5020 antenna’s significant benefits are:

  • Technical specifications and RF performance
  • Superior Tag reading performance
  • Reflection protection
  • Ruggedness and environmental performance
  • Easy mounting and smart design


1. Technical specifications and RF performance

It has a 1.5ft (0.45m) wider read range than most other antennas of similar size in the market, as well as a more extended read range than these competitors.

Its VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) of less than 1.4 is better than the industry standard. VSWR is a measure of how efficiently radio-frequency power is transmitted from the power source to the antenna.

Finally, the A5020 has built-in Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection.

A5020’s tech specs and RF performance benefits are:

  • Wider beam shape can radiate more RF energy to cover a larger area
  • More of its power is used in reading tags compared to similarly sized antennas
  • Superior all-round performance​


2. Superior tag reading performance

Comparative tests prove it outperforms competitors, and especially at lower power levels, the A5020 achieves twice the read rates of similarly sized antennas.

Where deployment requires long antenna cables, power levels at the antenna itself may be lower, and the A5020’s advantages then become most apparent.

Advantages of the A5020’s tag reading performance are:

  • Best tag read performance compared to competitors
  • Low power loss
  • Better tag reading at any tag orientation, especially if a long antenna cable is required


3. Reflection Protection

The A5020’s reflection protection guarantees uninterrupted high read performance.

This means when metal and metallic objects are present, reflective power does not pass directly through the antenna to the RFID reader.

Other antennas usually pass this reflected power directly, which causes most readers to reduce power or shut down completely to protect themselves.

However, advanced A5020 circuitry absorbs the reflected power within the antenna, shielding the RFID reader, so it does not need to shut down.

Equally, while the VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) of most other antennas is highly degraded by reflective environments, the A5020’s reflection protection provides consistently good VSWR.

The A5020’s reflection protection benefits are:

  • Guaranteed recognition by the reader
  • No risk of damaging the reader
  • Uninterrupted high read performance even in reflective environments


4. Ruggedness and environmental performance

The compact, attractive A5020 is made from UV-Resistant ABS and possesses the physical strength of traditional, rugged industrial antennas.

Its IP68 rating makes it one of the few antennas in the RAIN (UHF) RFID market which is fully waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistant.

This makes the A5020 suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including in damp and wet conditions.

The A5020’s ruggedness and environmental performance are useful because:

  • Physically strong, while still being attractive
  • Withstands dust and water, while continuing to perform
  • Ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures


5. Mounting and design

With its unique design feature of fully-through mounting holes, the A5020 offers many mounting options, which makes it suitable for space-constrained environments, without affecting the RF performance.

The A5020 has integrated mounting holes, supports flush as well as VESA mounting, and its reverse side is slightly recessed for smooth deployment on uneven surfaces - all in one SKU.

Its low profile (14mm), small size (150mm x 150mm) and lightweight (0.25kg) dramatically decreases the A5020’s storage volume - reducing transport, warehousing and installation costs.

Finally, it is unobtrusive and blends well into any decor.

The A5020 mounting and design benefits are:

  • Multiple mounting options in one SKU, and adaptable to a wide range of RAIN (UHF) RFID applications
  • Small size saves on transport, storage and installation costs
  • Attractive and unobtrusive; blends into any decor



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