A5060 Improved Physical Design to Assist with Mounting

Here at Times-7 Research, we are constantly putting our innovative ideas into practice, improving our products and making them, even more, user-friendly. We are therefore excited to announce the mounting design enhancements we have made to our A5060 antennas and the launch of our new mounting plates.

A5060 Antenna with Mounting Bracket
A5060 antenna with mounting bracket

What is the A5060 antenna?

  • Circular polarized high gain antenna with an ultra-low profile
  • Read range of more than 10m / 33ft

Design enhancements

  • Our design engineer and specialist has implemented safer and easy to administer mounting options
  • Mounting holes have now doubled from 3 to 6

How does this improve antenna mounting?

  • More mounting holes means a more secure placement
  • Added holes accommodate the A5060 mounting plate to support VESA mount

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Benefits of the A5060 antenna

High gain/ dense assets

The A5060 antenna can be implemented in laundry applications as it has the potential to read through densely packed items. Antennas can be configured as a standalone industrial portal to track trolleys full of laundry goods; used in a conveyor to track movement; or used on bench tops in packing/folding stations.

Eliminates stray reads/ narrow beam

Because of the antenna’s multi-element array with a 10.5 dBiC gain specification, it is highly suitable for industrial applications. All possible tag orientations will be captured due to the A5060’s circular polarization and locations. The antenna has different radiation characteristics in horizontal and vertical planes, thus creating different read zones depending on how it is mounted (horizontally or vertically). The vertical configuration is recommended for high-density asset tracking. The horizontal configuration is recommended to avoid the stray reads due to the RF spill.

Works well in reflective environments

Highly reflective metallic environments are usually a challenge for traditional RFID antennas but the A5060 can be used to track tools in a tool cabinetry. The A5060 is less affected by metallic assets due to its multi-element design.

Multi-element array

The A5060’s powerful gain can easily read vehicular tags, e.g. embedded in the windscreen or the number plate, from greater distances. The 25° narrow beam can be used to create confined zones for each lane

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