Times-7 A5020 | NearField vs Far-field

Ever wondered what the differences are between NearField and far-field antennas? Times-7 has created two antennas that look identical to the naked eye but have very different qualities.

The A5020 Antenna is renowned for its small footprint, robust nature and, superior performance. Times-7 has both a True NearField A5020 as well as a standard far-field version, dependant on user needs.

A5020 True NearField Antenna 

  • Close read-range to the antennas surface
  • Suitable for tap or touch applications
  • For a close and precise read range, please ensure you use a NearField tag

A5020 Far-field Antenna

  • A wider beam shape can radiate more RF energy to cover a larger area
  • Best performing antenna of its size and read range on the market

Combined Benefits of the A5020 True NearField and A5020 Far-field

  • Superior Tag reading performance
  • Uninterrupted high-read performance, even in reflective environments
  • Ruggedness and environmental performance
  • Easy mounting and smart design


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