Get To Know George

In this new blog series, we will be interviewing various members of our team and our partners so you can get to know us better, ensuring you get the most out of your Times-7 experience.

In our first edition of this new series, we would like you to get to know George! George is our Business Development Manager; you may have got to know George when trying to find the best antenna for your RFID application. It’s nice to know more about who you are communicating with so you get the most out of your Times-7 experience. 

About His Role 

George started with Times-7 in 2019 and said the best part about the job is working with people and collaborating with the team to find ways to approach different RFID projects. George also enjoys working with our partners and helping them find the best products suitable for the problem they are trying to solve. When asked what his best memory is from work since starting with us, he said, “I always get excited about new ways partners use our antennas for specific applications and the types of benefits it brings to their customers.” 

What does a typical workday look like for George?  

A typical day for George is primarily focused on communicating with our European, North American and APAC Partners. We are located in New Zealand, and due to this, there is a significant time zone difference with our global partner base. George likes to break up his day so he can engage with partners across multiple times zones. 

George sometimes works in the evening, mainly when working with our partners in Europe as our evenings are their mornings. If you want to get in touch outside of the typical New Zealand working hours, George will most likely be available to help you! 

Fun Facts about George 

When George isn’t informing our partners about the best antenna for various applications, you will usually find him out for a run in the bush or spending time with friends and family at local cafes or restaurants. His favourite café in Wellington is the Beach Kiosk Café, which “has the best scrambled eggs!”.  

George is a crucial member of the Sales and Marketing team. He always has a positive attitude and likes to make everyone in the office laugh. We hope this has helped you get to know George better. If you wish to get in touch with George, you can contact him at

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