Unexpected but awesome uses of RFID


The possible applications of RFID are endless. RFID is scalable and inexpensive; adopters leverage the technology in surprising but awesome ways! Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredible applications that are using RFID.  

  1. Amusements Parks – Theme parks such as Disney are implementing no swipe tickets called magic bands. These bands eliminate the need to swipe your ticket when waiting in line for a ride making the theme park experience much more enjoyable. RFID can reduce wait times while lowering the need for staff costs. RFID makes the experience better for customers and helps provide staff with detailed information to track park visitors throughout the park.   

  1. Car Rentals - A few car rental companies, such as Avis, have implemented RFID to recognize vehicle returns. RFID allows customers to park in any open spot when they return the vehicle! RFID complements GPS well in many fleet management applications. Inexpensive, passively powered RFID tags work nicely for localized, on-the-lot tracking.  

  1. Smart fitting rooms – A simple solution to a global problem, stores worldwide are adopting the RFID smart fitting room. The smart fitting room is an RFID-powered kiosk where customers can find out more about their chosen product, request other items to be brought to them to try on, and even provide feedback. This solution makes it much easier for customers to get the most out of their shopping experience and for store workers to investigate product insights and stock management. Are you interested in this solution? If so, get in touch with Crave retail and they can help you  create a fully immersive shopping room experience.  

  1. Casinos – Loss prevention is one of the most common uses of RFID. Did you know some Casinos use RFID tags embedded into poker chips to try and eliminate thefts? Casinos also use RFID tags to track how much customers spend and where it was spent to keep you in the game for longer.   

  1. Bike-sharing - A Seattle bike-share company is using RFID for a base locking mechanism. The RFID tag is integrated into the locking base, which helps lock and release the bike as well as containing the asset information of that bike along with its trip information. 

We enjoy seeing how RFID has progressed over the years and the new and exciting ways people are implementing this technology. Do you have a customer with an interesting application? Contact our sales team; our engineers are RFID experts and can help propose the right solution for your customer!  

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