Partner Spotlight Series: Aware Innovations

Times-7 collaborates closely with key partners to deliver effective and innovative RFID solutions. Our Partner Spotlight Blog Series recognizes outstanding partners, highlights their accomplishments, and discovers what inspires them. Each partner, ranging from distributors to system integrators, has a unique story to tell.   

What led Aware Innovations to become a Times-7 system integrator?  
With the unique capabilities of our software, ItemAware, we needed a robust set of suppliers to solve customers’ challenges. Times-7 antennas have proven to be the right choice for us.  

What does Aware Innovations do, and what value do you add to customers?  
At Aware Innovations, we give businesses the power and visibility to make intelligent decisions by providing improved processes, supply chain, and asset visibility through innovative and modern solutions. We know that tracking assets and inventory are essential. We also know that it can be labour-intensive and prone to error. ItemAware gives you complete visibility of your assets and all designated locations, letting you know when an item is missing or placed in the wrong location.  

How have Times-7 antennas helped your customers?  
Times-7 antennas have helped us solve unique customer problems allowing our software, ItemAware, to provide the Power and Visibility to make Intelligent Decisions!  

What is Aware Innovations’ point of difference from the rest of the market?  
Implementing an RFID tracking system is the solution thousands of businesses worldwide have chosen to save time and money. Our ltemAware software helps locate, track and sense what matters to your business using RFID, barcodes, BLE, cellular GPS, and other automatic identification and data capture technologies, not just a single technology.  

What is the key to a successful technology partnership?  
We believe the key to successful technology partnerships is a deep understanding of each other’s capabilities and solutions, resulting in successful solutions.  

What are the key advantages of RAIN RFID over other technologies?  
RAIN RFID provides a cost-effective solution to many challenging item management and tracking solutions. 

What plans do Aware Innovations have planned for 2023?   
We are looking forward to significant growth in 2023 by expanding our mobile solution into other market segments beyond the utility industry.  

Thank you to Mariesa from Aware Innovations for the insight into how you add value to your customers. Learn more about Aware Innovations here.   


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