Maximum Input Power

In the following, we will explain what Maximum Input Power stands for and what it says about the antenna’s performance.

UHF RFID reader compatibility

All Times-7 antennas are compatible with RFID readers regardless of the brand as long as it works in the UHF frequency range.

A5020 – Mounting Screws Do Not Affect RF Performance

The A5020 is a high-performing antenna with a small footprint and brilliant looks. If that isn’t enough: The A5020 makes solid deployment easy allowing many mounting options.

A5020 - Setting A New Benchmark

The A5020 is a multi-purpose antenna with a unique combination of features, which sets new benchmarks in the RFID market.

The Multi-facetted A5060

We will introduce you to the A5060: Our exciting new addition to the SlimLine range of multi-purpose antennas.

Troubleshooting Guide For Times-7 Mat Antennas

Our mats are designed and built to a high quality and rarely fail. However, occasionally a mat does not perform as expected. This guide is designed to assist with any troubleshooting.