Partner Spotlight Series: atlasRFIDstore

Founded in 2008, atlasRFIDstore is a trusted source in the RFID hardware industry. Atlas became a Times-7 reseller in 2012 due to our expansive antenna portfolio.

Partner Spotlight Series: Cisper – Europe's leading RFID distributor

As part of this new blog series, we recognize outstanding partners, highlight their accomplishments, and discover what inspires them. Since partnering with distributors, we've seen real growth in our business, and they have too. Each partner has a unique story to tell.

Using Multiple Antennas? Save costs with a Multiplexer

Multiplexers connect multiple antennas to a single reader port. This allows your customers to make more efficient use of expensive hardware to reduce the cost of their UHF RFID application. Do your customers require multiple antennas for their applications? Discover what a multiplexer does and how it can benefit your customers.

Choosing Between a Fixed or Handheld Reader

Choosing between a fixed vs handheld RFID reader is not always easy. Regardless of your application, it is essential to select a suitable device. Any RFID tracking system will need the same types of hardware: (1) RFID tags, (2) RFID antennas, (3) RFID readers, and (4) Software.  

What makes the A5010 the antenna of choice?

Every antenna has distinguishing characteristics, which makes selecting the right one essential. Our A5010 antenna has a high IP67 rating and is a great high gain antenna.

Get To Know George

George started with Times-7 in 2019 and said the best part about the job is working with people and collaborating with the team to find ways to approach different RFID projects.