T-7 Cables: Low Loss - Low Cost

Times-7 manufactures antennas with connectors or pig tails. Consequently, you need an extension lead to connect our antennas to a reader. Just like with every other component of your RFID application, the better the quality of the selected cable the better the performance. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality, low loss cables at attractive prices.

A5530 Ground Mat Antenna Revision SMA-SMB Adapter Inclusion

This document contains loss measurements for SMA and SMB connectors and adapters. Times-7 A5530 ground mat antenna requires a snap on connector between the antenna’s pigtail and the extension lead that connects the RFID reader.

Maximum Input Power

In the following, we will explain what Maximum Input Power stands for and what it says about the antenna’s performance.

UHF RFID reader compatibility

All Times-7 antennas are compatible with RFID readers regardless of the brand as long as it works in the UHF frequency range.

A5020 – Mounting Screws Do Not Affect RF Performance

The A5020 is a high-performing antenna with a small footprint and brilliant looks. If that isn’t enough: The A5020 makes solid deployment easy allowing many mounting options.

A5020 - Setting A New Benchmark

The A5020 is a multi-purpose antenna with a unique combination of features, which sets new benchmarks in the RFID market.