Get To Know George

George started with Times-7 in 2019 and said the best part about the job is working with people and collaborating with the team to find ways to approach different RFID projects.

Introducing the A5020 LX & A5020 MR

Times-7 is delighted to launch the newest members of the industry leading A5020 family of RAIN (UHF) RFID antennas.

Introducing The Connector Protector Back Plate

Some industrial applications require the antenna connector to be protected from knocks and hits due to moving machinery in the work environment. To provide that little bit of extra-ruggedness, we have designed a Connector Protection Backplate.

Antenna Polarisations

Polarisation refers to the type of RF field emission. Antennas resonate in different ways to produce different polarisations.

RAIN RFID in Healthcare and What Antenna to Use

From KanBan systems to medical fridges that monitor pharmaceuticals and their expiry date, the use cases of RAIN RFID in healthcare are endless, and we at Times-7 have the correct antenna for your needs

Looking for a rugged antenna? Try the IP68-rated A5020

The compact, attractive A5020 antenna is made from UV-Resistant ABS and possesses the physical strength of traditional, rugged industrial antennas.