Deer Industry New Zealand Implements an RFID-Enabled Industry-Wide Stock Management System

Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) is to deploy UHF RFID across New Zealand to track their deer velvet inventory movements.

Times-7 A5020 | NearField vs Far-field

Times-7 has created two antennas that look identical to the naked eye but have very different qualities.

IEEE Poster: UHF RFID Near-Fields... Is that NFC?

Times-7's lead RF Engineer publishes IEEE poster.

10 Myths about Near-Field Reader Antennas

FAQs about Near-Field Reader Antennas.

Times-7 Welcomes Skilled Migrants for 6 Week Internship

For the past 6 weeks, Times-7 has opened its doors to two skilled migrants, María Daniela Ramírez Ochoa and Mehdi Dehghani.

Why UHF RFID Struggles to Read Liquid Assets (and How to Fix it!)

Liquid assets are notorious for causing issues in UHF RFID systems but Times-7 has the answer to fix it!