Antenna Video Series | A5010 Slimline CP Rain RFID Antenna

The A5010 is part of Times-7's extensive antenna portfolio. It is rugged and robust and suitable for outdoor and customer-facing applications. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of using the A5010 Antenna.  

A5060 and A6034 - interchangeable?

Learn about the significant differences between the A5060 and A6034 antennas and when to select which model for your application.

Deer Industry New Zealand Implements an RFID-Enabled Industry-Wide Stock Management System

Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) is to deploy UHF RFID across New Zealand to track their deer velvet inventory movements.

Times-7 A5020 | NearField vs Far-field

Times-7 has created two antennas that look identical to the naked eye but have very different qualities.

IEEE Poster: UHF RFID Near-Fields... Is that NFC?

Times-7's lead RF Engineer publishes IEEE poster.

10 Myths about Near-Field Reader Antennas

FAQs about Near-Field Reader Antennas.