RFID Antenna Selection guide

Times-7 has developed an antenna selection guide, which helps to break down which type of beam shape is right for your application and then which of our Times-7 RAIN (UHF) RFID antenna is the right fit for you.

The A5020 - an antenna for all reasons

The A5020 is designed to simplify customers’ lives, and its robust nature and superior performance make it the best quality for price antenna in the market.

Season's Greetings

Times-7 wish their customer, partners and friends a merry festive season.

When One Reader Antenna Is Not Enough To Identify A Tag

A question many people have is whether a single antenna will always identify the tag? We explain when one reader antenna might do the job and when more than one is required.

Why The A5010 Is Such An Exceptional Antenna

The Times-7 A5010 has a unique combination of benefits which makes it the best RAIN (UHF) RFID antenna of this kind in the world.

Why Your Reader Can't Ignore Times-7 Antennas

Because there are different levels of electromagnetic signaling between the reader port and the antenna, it is very important these signals are balanced - or you risk badly damaging the reader. We explain why and how the antenna sense mechanism protects the reader.