Every day we are driven to accomplish our mission: providing control over critical assets.

Our globally operating customers therefore always know where their load carriers or individual products are and, if necessary, in which condition they are.

We develop software solutions by joining forces with our customers and partners. By combining our own practical experience with the shared experiences from different industries, we excel in developing applications that really help our customers move forward. Today and far into the future. We do that by focusing on a practical approach and perfectionism.

We create solutions for every company that deals with critical product flows. Our customers operate globally in a large number of industries: pooling, healthcare, automotive, horticulture, retail and aerospace.

The Bexter people are down-to-earth and always in close contact with our customers. We offer quality, we are transparent in everything that we do and we keep our promises. And always in a personal and concerned manner. Creating efficiency, effectiveness and savings for our clients is what drives us. That’s who we are.

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