Times-7 Appoints Arcadian Inc. as its North American Master Distributor.

Times-7, a fast growing manufacturer of RFID reader antennas, announced today that it appointed Arcadian Inc., a market leading distributor of RFID, wireless, radio and networking products, to represent its products in North America.

“To more effectively meet the supply requirements for an expanding list of authorized Resellers and Solution Providers, we’re delighted to appoint Arcadian Inc. as our Master Distributor.  The highly professional representation of our unique portfolio of ultra thin, robust and high performing RFID reader antennas is a must.  It is achieved with ease through Arcadian’s well established reputation for excellence in sales and support”, says Antony Dixon, CEO of Times-7. 

“We are extremely pleased to be representing Times-7, the leading manufacturer of ultra slim antennas, to meet a growing demand in our customer base for innovative RFID solutions.  The strategic signing of Times-7 opens up new revenue streams for both our customers and Arcadian”, says Shawn Bays, Director of Sales & Marketing. “With multiple existing customers having already endorsed Times-7’s antennas and their global reputation for quality and innovation, we believe the Times-7 antenna portfolio is a great extension in offerings for our customers.”

Times-7 Research Ltd, are leaders in antenna development, pushing the boundaries of RFID technology for industry world-wide.  Our patented UHF antennas meet industry specific needs, helping organizations to transform processes and reduce costs. Times-7 products and solutions are making RFID more affordable and easier to deploy. 
For more information, visit www.times-7.com

Arcadian Inc. has been a technical stocking distributor of wireless and networking electronic components since the summer of 2000.  Their mission for the past 10 years has been to offer customers the best and most complete solution for antennas, cabling, radios and enclosures.  Growth is fueled by the emergence of wireless devices in a number of vertical applications.  Leaders such as Laird Technologies (Antenex, Centurion, Cushcraft and Pac Wireless), Pulse / Larsen antennas, and now Times-7, have become the cornerstone for growth.

Since January 2003, the company has been led by current owner and General Manager, Mike Crudele. With almost 20 years of industry experience, and a family that has been "in the business" since 1960, Mike has an unparalleled appreciation for how the company needs to be run in order to keep our three "stakeholders" happy (our customers, our vendors and our rep partners.) 
For more information, visit www.arcadianinc.com