Times-7 Design And Manufacture Your Customised Antenna

Times-7 has the largest RAIN (UHF) RFID antenna portfolio to cover a broad range of applications for any industry. However, some application requirements are so specific that the standard antennas in the market, including Times-7’s, might not be an optimum solution. 

We Can Help

Building on over 12 years’ experience Times-7 can rapidly develop a design or modify an existing antenna design to meet your or your customers’ special requirements of size, shape, RF performance and more. 
With typically low design and development fees, we can quickly develop prototypes and samples for your conformance testing.  
From embedded near-field antennas to rugged ground antennas and one-offs to high volume — Times-7 delivers on time and to your expectations.

Simple Process 

Contact us via email or telephone.  We’ll discuss your application, physical antenna and read performance requirements, and other details about your configuration.
We would then provide a design proposal for customer acceptance confirming the proposed timelines, design fees, and an indication of volume product costs. 
Upon your acceptance of the proposal, a detailed product specification is developed for your approval. We then proceed to fully design, develop and test the custom prototype antenna to ensure it meets the specification. We then supply you with samples for your testing. After you are fully satisfied, we finalise the production details, and you have your individually customised product, ready for the required volume production.

Contact Us

P: +64 4 974 6566
P: +1 408 769 5025
E: sales@times-7.com
Find out how we can help you. We are always happy to discuss any of your requirements and propose a customised solution.