Voyantic Visits TIMES-7


Times-7 had the honour to host Smoos Peng, APAC Director of Voyantic, at their premises in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. An excellent opportunity to develop a better understanding of each other's businesses.

Smoos gave us meaningful insights into the multiple functions of Voyantic’s RFID test and measurement equipment, and Times-7 introduced him to their large portfolio of innovative RAIN (UHF) RFID antennas.

Voyantic and Times-7 – both RAIN RFID members - share the common goal to improve the success of RFID implementations through in-depth knowledge of actual tag and system performance.

Comprehensive understanding of the nature of RFID and the communication of all components within an RFID application is crucial to achieving perfect read rates.

How do we accomplish it? By sharing our relevant expertise and helping to make RFID implementations more successful.

Voyantic is the leading RFID measurement & testing solution provider from Espoo Finland.

Times-7 is the only reader antenna manufacturer with the sole focus on RAIN (UHF) RFID.

Both are experts in their fields. Or as Smoos puts it: “We continue to do something we are good at with a creative mindset and because of this reason we are the best in our business domain.”

By collaborating with the best in the industry and sharing our knowledge, we are pushing the boundaries of RFID technology and bring it to perfection.

Jos Kunnen, Times-7’s CEO: “We are looking forward to exploring further opportunities to work with Voyantic to further develop the RFID market.”


Voyantic is the global leading provider of RFID testing and measurement solutions targeted for routine use both in the laboratory and on production level. We also provide installation, training and maintenance services to make our systems true turn-key tools with no uncertainty.
Our solutions are designed to speed up development, improve production quality, and increase sales of RFID technology. That is why practically all of the leading RFID technology providers use our equipment in their R&D, production, or both. We have a proven track record with over 600 solutions delivered to our customers in over 30 countries on five continents.
Voyantic’s personnel have decades of experience in RFID technology, RF design, and measurement equipment. Our customers gain the full benefits of this experience through our measurements systems; we are better than anyone else in the world in packaging complex RF measurements into easy-to-use tools for the RFID industry.

Times-7 pushes the boundaries of RFID performance and aims to be the most advanced and responsive UHF antenna manufacturer worldwide. Our UHF antennas lead in quality and design and will meet the needs of virtually any industry application; providing customers with fast accurate tracking of products, assets & people and empowering organizations to transform processes & reduce costs.

Our SlimLine range of antennas is unique in the RFID industry. They offer proven high levels of performance, durability & aesthetics, in a diverse & growing range of markets. RFID applications include retail & customer interaction, conference & people tracking, event & race timing, baggage handling, and logistics & supply chain management.