Introducing Raminder Anand

Times-7 is delighted to introduce you to the latest member of our team - Raminder Anand!  Raminder joined the Times-7 team on March 1st as our Business Operations Manager. 

Raminder’s role as Business Operations Manager involves the entire development and modeling of our long-range strategic plan, strategic risk analysis, and mitigation planning. Raminder also makes sure we are all up to date with compliance and various industry initiatives.  

Raminder first joined Times-7 last year as an intern from the Skilled Migrant Programme at Victoria University. During this time, Raminder realised that he had been given an opportunity to leverage his Business Transformation and Operation Management skillsets.

“I was attracted to this role due to the company vision and a tangible growth plan. I enjoyed working, although briefly, with a high-performing team and experts in their vertical. Times-7 products are an enabler of Industry 4.0, and currently, we are serving to various key industries” - Raminder Anand. 

Raminder has an exciting range of qualifications and experience.  After graduating in Physics, Raminder joined the merchant marine service and obtained his Master Mariner licence. After 11 years of experience in command of various container ships, Raminder came ashore as a General Manager of several container terminals before transitioning into a Business Transformation role, where he delivered on high-value global projects. More recently, he decided to move to New Zealand with his family and completed his Masters of Global Management at Victoria University of Wellington.

Jos Kunnen, CEO of Times-7, was thrilled with the contribution Raminder made during his internship and jumped when the opportunity to hire Raminder arose. “ With his passion for operations excellence and quality improvement, as well as his substantial expertise in supply chain management, Raminder has been an excellent addition to our high-performing team. As our business grows and the world grapples with COVID-19, component shortages, and supply chain challenges, we need to act more strategically.  Raminder’s expertise is already making a difference to our planning processes and ultimately our customers' experience”, Kunnen said. 

Times-7 is proud to have Raminder on board, and we look forward to the knowledge and skill that Raminder will bring to Times-7 in his new role.