Engage Again Conference Highlights

The Times-7 team attended and presented at the Engage Again conference held by RAIN Alliance and Aim in May. The event was held virtually this year allowing attendees to walk around and visit virtual booths and presentations. More than 350 attended this event, including subject matter experts from around the world. The event featured 3 keynote speakers, 75 educational speakers, 43 sessions, 6 networking activities, and an interactive exhibit hall. 

Engage Again focuses on the Automatic Data Collection industry, covering topics like barcode, biometrics, IoT, NFC, RFID, RTLS, and RAIN, from the areas of applications, standards, & all vertical markets. The RAIN Alliance offers a variety of membership benefits, including industry research, education, promotion, and services that connect industry members and end-users. Currently there are 160+ members.  Here is a snapshot about what some of the Times-7 staff learnt from this years event. 

The Times-7 staff shares their highlights or key learnings from the event:  

  • John Burnell and Ernesto Castagnet/ John Hill did a presentation on “What can history teach us about RAIN Technology's future”. Giuliana Times-7’s head of Sales and Marketing said “In this presentation the speakers share their many decades of experience in the Auto-ID and RAIN RFID world. There is a lot of valuable information for Marketing and Salespeople who are looking for directions on how to grow the RAIN market. Education and “Competition” are key words”. 

  • John Armstrong from MonsoonRF did a presentation titled "Challenges and Opportunities in RFID – the Last Mile in IoT”. "This presentation explores how the IoT presents interesting challenges in the protocol for reading large amounts of tags quickly and finding these tags. Where the presenter ties in an example of how they were able to use multipath to locate moving vehicles and how a similar concept can be applied to find moving tags using the doppler frequency." says Ryan, RFID engineer with Times-7. 

  •  Picking the Elizondo Brain – Path Forward in Pharmaceutical Source Tagging – Paul Elizondo (Intelligard) and Juho Partanen (Voyantic) 

    “We see a growing use of RAIN RFID in Healthcare – not only since the Pandemic. The benefits are plentiful, such as supply chain visibility for pharmaceuticals or single assets and patient tracking in large hospitals. It reduces time and errors. Paul and Juho, RAIN in Healthcare experts, talk about the advantages of source tagging and which barriers we have to be aware of and overcome when adopting RAIN RFID. Highly recommended to all RFID people in Healthcare” recommends George, Business Development Manager at Times-7. 

Times-7 Presentations:

  • Dr Prabakar Parthiban Times-7 Senior RF Engineer did an amazing presentation explaining how to interpret radiation patterns, you can find out more about this here.
  • Times-7 CEO Jos Kunnen did a presentation on Deer Industry New Zealand and how they implemented an RFID-enabled industry-wide stock management. We also brought along Rhys Griffith , Manager for DINZ to talk about the benefits RAIN technology brings to this booming export market. 

Want to hear about trends, successful RAIN implementations or ground-breaking innovations in the industry? Then join Times-7 and many other key players in the industry and become a member, you can sign up here. If you would like to find out more about the presentations that Times-7 put on at the Engage Again conference please contacts us,we are industry experts specialising in the design and manufacture of RAIN (UHF) RFID antennas.