COVID-19 Lockdown Update

On August the 17th, the government announced a level 4 'Stay at Home Order', meaning that all non-essential workers must shelter in place. Times-7's facility is in Lower Hutt, New Zealand; this means that as we are not deemed an essential service, we are currently in a three-day lockdown. 

An update from our CEO: 
"The delta variant of Covid-19 has hit many nations and communities hard, and we have been privileged to have avoided it thus far. New Zealand is renowned for its swift action, with our Prime Minister repeatedly committing to 'going early and going hard.' This means that we have been instructed to stay at home at the first instance of a community case of the delta variant. Our people are what sets Times-7 apart, and we are committed to their safety and well-being.  Consequently, we will adhere to all government requirements and recommendations. While locked down, my customer support and administration team is fully available and continuing to work remotely to support all our customers and partners" – Jos Kunnen. 

What does this mean for our customers and partners?  

  • Our sales and administration teams are all equipped to work from anywhere and are available to answer any queries you have.  

  • Our manufacturing facilities must remain closed until at least 11:59 pm Friday the 20th of August, and maybe longer. This means that the manufacturing and shipping of orders already placed will have shipping delays.  

  • We are working through all the orders we have received and will communicate any changes to expected shipping dates as soon as possible. 

With the immediate future uncertain, we will keep you updated on any changes. In the meantime, we are:  

  • Planning for gradual re-opening, including increased shifts to clear backlogs and meet demand as soon as changes to the alert level allow.  

  • Activating our business continuity plans which include increased internal and external communications.  

But we also subscribe to the oft-quoted maxim, which says to “never waste a good crisis”.  With that in mind, we are using the manufacturing downtime to use remote and online tools to train and upskill our team, review processes and audit systems. Specifically, we are: 

  • Reviewing processes with a focus on improving efficiency, quality, and speed.  

  • Planning for our imminent shift to new and larger premises.  

  • Investigating opportunities to make further investments in plant and equipment to meet the surging growth in demand for our products.  

  • Expediting new and exciting products (look out for announcements at the upcoming Engage Again event being held on the 8th and 9th of September).  

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at  

We will continue to update our website with the most up to date information here

While we intend to work hard to ensure the trust you have put in Times-7 and our products is rewarded through exceptional customer service, most importantly, we want everyone to remain safe. We are thinking of you all and wishing you and your families a safe time.