Industry Leading IP69K Rated RAIN (UHF) RFID Antenna Launched

Times-7 has announced two new members of the industry-leading A5020 antenna product range. 

The A5020 LX Linear Extreme sets new benchmarks for ruggedness and performance. It can operate in temperatures as low as -90°C (-130°F) and withstand high-pressure water cleaning due to its IP69K rating. 

“We breathe innovation in our product development,” said Jos Kunnen, CEO of Times-7. “We wanted an antenna that health professionals could rely on to track key pharmaceutical assets like vaccines in extreme environments. Our engineers pushed boundaries in design to create a linearly polarized antenna with exceptional range and performance.”   

Being announced at the same time, the A5020 MR Medium Range antenna has been designed to excel in the up to 1.5 meter read range. The A5020 MR specifically addresses the issue of stray reads in applications such as shelving, cabinetry and conveyor belt deployments. 

Both the A5020 LX and A5020 MR leverage all the design innovations of the existing A5020 range, including the ability to be flush or VESA mounted, being SlimLine™, compact and rugged. All A5020 antennas have a minimum IP68 rating, with the A5020 LX having a higher IP69K rating.   

The two new A5020 antennas build on Times-7 reputation of innovation and reliability. Says Kunnen, “in creating the A5020 range, the goal was not just to create a product, but build on our legacy of reliability, performance and innovation. We wanted to extend environmental performance and transform antenna aesthetics so the antenna would look smart in customer facing settings. Not only did we deliver with the initial A5020 offerings, but these new antennas go even further.” 

The A5020 range is being adopted as a key go-to standard for OEMs, resellers and systems integrators wanting reliable, durable and compact RAIN (UHF) RFID antennas. 

For an introduction and overview of the entire A5020 product range, watch this video by Times-7 CEO, Jos Kunnen. 

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