Meet the person managing our inwards and outwards goods


Our company values are important to us, so we make sure our employees understand and uphold them. Our commitment to delivering our values to our partners is just as important as upholding them on-site within the workplace. Having shown exceptional professional growth since starting with Times-7 and consistently demonstrating our core values, we want to introduce you to Maria Price. 

What is your Role at Times-7 and what made you apply for the position?  

I applied in April 2021 for the Assembly Technician role which involves putting together the antennas, soldering and cleaning panels. In February I was promoted to Store Person, so now I do kitting for jobs, clear the warehouse, keep track of inwards and outwards goods and inspect things that come into the warehouse.  

I applied for the role because at the time I was doing part-time study and Times-7 was offering me hours that were flexible. I have since taken on a full-time contract because I have enjoyed the job so much. 

Why do you think customers trust us as their antenna partner? 

Before entering the assembly room, each item is quality-checked. Nothing is permitted into the assembly room that fails inspection. All products are inspected and tested again before packaging. As a result, we can guarantee the quality of our antennas for our customers.  

What do you enjoy most about your role?  

I enjoy working closely with my team and interacting with a variety of different people in my role. I like organising things, which is an important responsibility in my position as I manage inwards and outwards goods.  

What Times-7 values resonate with you the most? 

The ability to collaborate and work together as a team. Working with the assembly team is an important part of what I do. The sustainable value is also important to me since I am interested in continuing my career at Times-7 and one day becoming an operations manager.  

How would you describe working at Times-7 to someone considering applying for one of our open positions? 

If you are applying to join the production team, I can promise you this is a fun role. It is manual labour, so you can get into a good flow once you find your rhythm. We have a fantastic work culture and great team environment. There is always someone available to help you if you need it. 

There are plenty of opportunities to grow here, as we are constantly developing our processes and adding new roles. Additionally, RFID is an interesting industry, once I saw how our products are making a positive impact across a variety of industries, I understood the importance of my role in the supply chain.   

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