Antony Dixon discusses Times-7's RFID technology on Morning Report

Times-7 CEO Antony Dixon talks about the company's RFID technology and its application to the airport baggage handling industry on Radio New Zealand's Morning Report.

RFID Tracking System clocks up sales

Lower Hutt firm Times-7 has clocked up a swag of overseas wins and is on the hunt for cash to help it score a few more. The firm makes radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips and antennas, used to track luggage in airports and time cyclists in races. - Dominion Post

Lisbon Airport Ups Throughput With RFID Baggage System

Lisbon airport relies on interrogator antennas provided by Times-7. Antony Dixon, Times-7's CEO, says the challenge for RFID technology in a baggage-handling environment is to optimize the field size, or read zone, without using expensive RF shielding and large enclosures. Dixon says Times-7 patented antenna technology provides high performance in a very low profile design and brings important innovations to the challenges of baggage handling. Read more at RFID Journal.