A1130 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna

A1130 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna A1130 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna

The A1130 antenna is part of the new True NearField Antenna Series offering a 300 mm square surface with the familiar Times-7 slim profile of just 8.6 mm. 

Times-7 True NearField antennas are explicitly designed for applications, which require “near zone only” tag detection or involves metals, liquids or any other challenging materials. With hardly any far-field components and no surface dead spots, the Times-7 True NearField antennas provide reliable tag reads within a very constricted read zone. 

Thanks to our unique antenna design, which scales easily in size, the True NearField antenna series offers three dimensions. If you require a larger surface, please go to the A1163 (300 x 600 mm) or for a more compact size go to A1115 (150 x 150 mm). 

Mounting Instructions

Please find mounting instructions here.

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A1130 Technical Specifications
Dimensions 300mm x 300mm x 8.6mm || 11.81" x 11.81" x 0.34"
Frequency Range 865-868 MHz, 902-928 MHz
Connector Type SMA female side fly lead (482mm, 19” / RG316 cable)
Antenna Gain N/A
Download Datasheet A1130 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna datasheet (PDF)

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