Why The A5010 Is Such An Exceptional Antenna

The Times-7 A5010 has a unique combination of benefits which makes it the best RAIN (UHF) RFID antenna of this kind in the world.

The A5010 is designed to make customers’ lives better and simpler, including being able to read RFID tags in situations other antennas would give up.

A 10“ x 10“ form factor has features which make the robust and accurate A5010 a vital component for an applications’ performance.

The five significant benefits of the A5010 antennas are: 

  • Reflection protection
  • Clever mounting design
  • Slim form factor
  • Very low axial ratio,
  • High IP-rating

Our competitors do not have our combination of the A5010 benefits - detailed as:

1. Reflection protection guarantees uninterrupted high read performance

When metal and metallic objects are present, reflective power may pass directly through the antenna to the RFID reader.

When most readers detect this reflected power, they reduce power or shut down completely in order to protect themselves. This reduces or ceases, the read range and performance.

But advanced A5010 circuitry absorbs reflected power within the antenna, shielding the RFID reader, so it has no need to shut down.

And while the VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) of most other antennas is highly degraded by reflective environments, the A5010’s reflection protection provides consistently good VSWR.

A5010’s reflection protection benefits are:

  • No risk of damaging the reader
  • Uninterrupted high read performance even in reflective environments
  • Guaranteed recognition by the reader


2. Multiple mounting options through smart design

The A5010 can either be flush, or VESA mounted.

Flush mounting using the four corner holes is possible because of the A5010’s side connector.

The studded backplate version has VESA spacing, symmetrical in the antenna’s centre. It is compatible with all standard 100mm VESA brackets.

A5010’s clever mounting benefits are:

  • Save cost as no extra equipment is needed
  • Perfect for space-constrained applications
  • Can be mounted on any VESA bracket, and centered studs offer a solid and knock-proof option


3. Light and slim design

Thoughtful design and construction methods mean the A5010 is only 14mm thin and 0.75kg light 0.55 inches, 1.65lb).

Many A5010s can fit a given space for storing, transporting and mounting large numbers of the antennas.

Light and slim form factor benefits include:

  • More cost-effective storage and transportation
  • Simple and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Ideal in space-constrained environments


4. An extremely low axial ratio

The axial ratio measures the symmetry of the beam in the horizontal and vertical directions. This axial ratio is a critical parameter for a circular antenna, which is expected to read an RFID tag in any presented orientation.

An axial ratio of zero 0dB is perfect.

The A5010 has less than a 1dB difference in gain in both axis - essentially the same performance as a truly circular polarisation.

This extremely low axial ratio is an area in which the A5010 excels, and provides benefits in:

  • Consistent read rate in any RFID tag orientation
  • Extended read range in challenging environments


5. High IP-rating

IP-ratings (or ingress protection) are an international standard. These IP-ratings define levels of sealing, the effectiveness of electrical enclosure against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt), and moisture.

The A5010 has an IP-67 rating, which gives it an extremely high protection number, including against water.

It means the A5010 is equally suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

The A5010’s high IP-rating is of benefit because:

  • One antenna model is suitable for a wide range of environments



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