New product: veRFIDa!

Times-7 launches a revolutionary solution for decentralized retail packing & shipment verification, using RAIN (UHF) RFID. 

Introducing veRFIDa!nominated for Best New Product at the RFID Journal Awards 2020.

As the e-commerce landscape evolves, many organisations are creating agile, decentralised supply chains, shipping directly from the back of small local shops. Times-7 has recognized this and created a compact solution.

veRFIDa! is designed to read densely tagged boxes packed with fabrics, ceramics, groceries, and much more. Meticulously tested by Times-7’s in-house engineers, it has proven to easily read liquid and metal assets*.

During testing veRFIDa! consistently read 500 tags in a densely tagged box, 500 times. That is a 100% read rate! During speed testing veRFIDa! read 1000 tags in a densely packed box per second.   

The compact, lightweight, and easy to assemble product has a reflective hood that limits stray reads. Due to its ability to read liquid and metal assets, this system is an ideal choice for the healthcare, jewellery, retail, and supermarket industries.

veRFIDa! is available now, and Times-7 invites anyone who is interested to get in touch.

The Backstory

Retail trends show that more and more consumers are choosing the ease of online shopping and with this growth comes competition. From groceries to health supplies, trainers to toilet paper, building resources, and knitting needles; it feels like any product is just a few clicks away. 

To keep up with demand companies are developing Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) and same-day-delivery business models. As a result, warehouses are becoming smaller and relying increasingly on RAIN RFID systems for tracking and verification. 

Large RFID enabled distribution centres use RFID tunnels to verify packed goods before they can be processed and shipped. These tunnels work very well but are expensive, consume a lot of real estate and require more technical resources to be set-up. Making them unsuitable for smaller warehouses and retail back offices. Alternative fixed reader solutions using single multi-patch antenna arrays are smaller and cheaper but struggle to achieve the performance of a tunnel.

veRFIDa! combines these two solutions and is a lightweight alternative with exceptional RF performance.

*Spacing is required when reading metal assets


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