Enhancing Airport Efficiency with RFID Technology

As traveler numbers rise, efficiently managing airport passenger satisfaction becomes increasingly crucial. Airport operations must balance safety and security while providing travelers a smooth and convenient experience. RFID technology is a game-changer in addressing these challenges and we offer a significant number of airport antennas ideally suited for these applications.

Challenges in airport operations

Airports face a host of challenges in their daily operations:

Increased passenger traffic: managing the growing number of passengers and their luggage efficiently is crucial for customer satisfaction and security.

Safety and security: maintaining stringent safety and security standards is paramount, but striking the right balance with passenger convenience remains a constant challenge.

Manual baggage handling: manual baggage examination is labor-intensive and prone to errors, increasing costs and causing delays. Misplaced or lost baggage incurs costs for airlines and results in unsatisfied customers, potentially causing cascading flight delays.

How RFID offers an effective solution for airport improvement

RFID technology streamlines airport operations by reducing the reliance on manual processes. Innovations like dual RFID and barcode reader systems shorten processing times, enhancing the pre-flight experience for passengers. Integrating RFID solutions across the aviation industry promises to revolutionize baggage handling techniques, potentially eliminating mishandled baggage through real-time tracking.

RFID for baggage tracking

SlimLine A6020

RFID technology is the ultimate solution in airport operations, where thousands of bags must be seamlessly tracked and routed. It operates on the principle of utilizing radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer unique data stored in each baggage tag. This technology stands out for its efficiency and reliability, revolutionizing the airport's baggage-tracking process.

Unlike traditional methods that rely on manual scans or barcode reading, RFID doesn't demand a direct line of sight to the bag. This means that multiple bags can be identified and tracked simultaneously, significantly reducing processing time and the potential for human error. RFID technology automates what used to be a labor-intensive and error-prone task.

Times-7 airport antennas range

At the heart of efficient RFID-based baggage tracking systems lies the hardware that makes it all possible. We offer a diverse range of airport antennas designed to address the specific challenges faced by airport operations

A6011 slimline under-belt antenna is designed to fit under conveyor belts.


The ultra-low-profile UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) allows the antenna to carry heavy assets, while its self-lubricating characteristics protect the conveyor belt from damage.

The A6011 antenna is designed to ensure unwavering performance in environments that demand round-the-clock operation. It provides an array of RF fields that will not detune despite assets sitting on top. The antenna has built-in static protection. A dedicated grounding wire helps drain static energy from the belt running over the antenna to avoid outages.

The A6011 is available in three dimensions:

1200 x 600 x 12mm
100 x 800 x 12mm
800 x 800 x 12mm

A6015 slimline antenna is ideal for self-check-in kiosks

A white rectangular object with a black wire

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The A6015 takes on a distinct role as a flat panel antenna array meticulously designed for airport self-check-in kiosks. This antenna incorporates cutting-edge UHF active beam switching technology, delivering maximum read performance while minimizing the risk of overlooking baggage tags. The active beam technology enables the antenna to be switched on for only a short time to read a baggage tag when the passenger confirms the completion of their self-check-in. With its slender profile, the A6015 expedites the airport check-in process, enhancing operational efficiencies in baggage handling.

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