Impinj RFID Readers

Speedway Revolution

With its compact form factor and support for new features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Sierra Wireless cellular modem connectivity, the Speedway Revolution delivers increased application and deployment flexibility. PoE simplifies deployment and dramatically reduces cost by eliminating the need for AC outlet installation at read points. Made possible by the Speedway Revolution’s low power consumption, PoE reduces operating costs as well as green house gas (GHG) emissions without compromise. Speedway Revolution delivers the full 30 dBm of transmit power and the highest read performance available—even with PoE operation.

Native support for Sierra Wireless AirLink PinPoint XT and AirLink Raven XT cellular modems opens up new deployment and application models by enabling GSM or CDMA connectivity to the Internet through your preferred cellular carrier. Application examples include remote read points where wired connectivity is not feasible nor cost effective, enabling services and solutions where connecting to the local enterprise network is too cumbersome, or mobile service and delivery vehicles. With Sierra Wireless AirLink PinPoint XT, Speedway Revolution also provides Global Positioning System (GPS) location of the reader along with each tag read.

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