Times-7 A5020 Launch Event

Times-7 – a leading manufacturer of UHF RFID antennas – celebrated its newly released product – the A5020.

The A5020 is designed and manufactured in Lower Hutt, where Times-7 is headquartered. Like the A5010, it has been designed for high volume manufacturing. This high-performing antenna with unique features sets a new benchmark. It is receiving lots of positive feedback from around the world and is shipping in quantity to Asia, Europe, and the US.

A5020 Manufacturing Facility

Small antenna – great success

Times-7 celebrated the antenna’s launch success and invited local suppliers and other key stakeholders to the official opening of the new production line. The guests learned about the history of this fast-growing company, gained exciting insights of the design goals and processes of the A5020 and were guided through the purpose-built A5020 manufacturing facility.


A5020 – exceeding expectations

The new high-tech production line for the A5020 was officially opened by the Member of Parliament for Hutt South, Chris Bishop. He performed the “first tag read” of the new antenna to demonstrate its capabilities. When Chris held up his tag, it was read from around ten meters – a stunning result for a 150mm2 footprint antenna.

MP Hutt South — Chris Bishop

About the A5020

The A5020 is a multi-purpose antenna with a unique combination of features, which sets new benchmarks in the RFID market. This little antenna offers a more extended read range than most other antennas of similar size. With an IP68 rating and built to Times-7’s high standard for quality and robustness, the A5020 can be used for permanent outdoor applications. Moreover, it has an attractive design, even to the touch!

Whether it is for assembly lines, hospitals or pharma labs, in refrigerated environments, or in the apparel retail industry, where good looks are everything: The A5020 qualifies for a broad range of applications.

For more information, visit www.times-7.com/a5020.html



Times-7 pushes the boundaries of RFID performance and aims to be the most advanced and responsive UHF antenna manufacturer worldwide. Our UHF antennas lead in quality and design and will meet the needs of virtually any industry application; providing customers with fast, accurate tracking of products, assets & people and empowering organizations to transform processes & reduce costs.

Our SlimLine range of antennas is unique in the RFID industry. They offer proven high levels of performance, durability & aesthetics, in a diverse & growing variety of markets. RFID applications include retail & customer interaction, conference & people tracking, event & race timing, baggage handling, and logistics & supply chain management.

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