Meet Daniel Eisen: Our new RFID Engineer

Times-7 is thrilled to introduce you to Daniel Eisen, the newest addition to the Times-7 team in the role of RFID Engineer. Daniel brings a unique blend of expertise in electrical engineering, mechatronics, and system integration of various automation technologies. With UHF RFID antennas playing a crucial role in intricate IoT systems, engineers like Daniel are essential to our mission of enhancing Times-7's antenna portfolio to meet the diverse needs of our customers' RFID solutions.

From RF Enthusiast to RFID Expert

Daniel's journey began with an Electrical Engineering Degree, encompassing programming and robotics, before delving into the specialized field of mechatronics. "I've always had a soft spot for innovation," Daniel explains. "That's what drew me to Times-7. Their unique approach of integrating product design, prototyping, and commercial production under one roof instantly appealed to my engineering sensibilities."

Daniel's introduction to RF technology came during his tenure at Honeywell, where he worked on designing building security access systems integrating various automation technologies with software programs. "Experiencing the real-world applications of RF signals ignited my passion for RFID technology," Daniel reflects. "That's when I decided to focus solely on RFID engineering."

Leveraging Cross-functional Collaboration for Customer-centric Antenna Designs

Daniel thrives in the dynamic environment of his role. "While the seamless integration between engineering design and fabrication is indeed crucial for Times-7's successful antenna designs, the real essence lies in our proximity to customers and the depth of our understanding of their needs," Daniel remarks. He looks forward to collaborating directly with Times-7's customers in the field, ensuring the success of their applications, and actively contributing to the expansion of the knowledge base surrounding configuration testing for RAIN RFID reader antennas. This, he believes, is where his greatest contribution to the RFID community lies.

In his leisure time, you might find Daniel indulging in his hobbies, whether it's cycling, bouldering, exploring the wine trails of Martinborough, or unleashing his creativity through 3D printing art.

With Daniel Eisen on board, Times-7 continues its commitment to customer-focused innovation and excellence in RFID technology. Join us in welcoming Daniel to the team as we embark on this exciting journey together.