Meet Times-7 in Xiamen, China


Our team will attend the RAIN RFID Alliance meeting in Xiamen from 4 Dec - 6 Dec 2018.

The RAIN RFID Alliance is an industry alliance to promote the use of UHF RFID and is a great opportunity to learn the latest developments in our industry and network with industry participants and peers. This RAIN Alliance meeting is open for everyone – members and non-members - to attend on Wednesday, December 5. 

Find out more about the meeting's agenda here.
Come to Xiamen and meet with others from the UHF RFID industry, which all have one thing in common: To promote a future where everyday things are part of a connected world using RAIN RFID.
Meet us in Xiamen

Times-7 Research is a RAIN RFID Alliance member and proud to sponsor this meeting.  We will have a number of our team attending and some of our products on display.
This is an excellent opportunity to meet us in person.



RAIN RFID membership

We'd encourage you to consider a RAIN RFID Alliance membership. More information here.