WHAT is RAIN RFID? - Download Ebook Now

The RAIN RFID Alliance has published an eBook offering detailed information about the technology, markets using RAIN RFID, and introducing the Alliance and their members.

This ebook is ideal for everyone who is new to RAIN RFID and wants to connect with the industry.

Download the ebook here. Or browse through many other useful white papers and use cases about RAIN RFID technology and applications across all industries. 

The RAIN RFID Antenna Company

Times-7 is the only company focusing solely on designing and manufacturing fixed RAIN RFID antenna readers. As an active RAIN RFID Alliance member, we use our expertise to educate end customers and promote the use of RFID technologies.

If you have any questions related with RAIN RFID feel free to contact our customer support team at sales@times-7.com