Times-7 Go for Gold at the Wellington Gold Awards

Pictured left to right: George Mitchell, Sales Account Manager, Giuliana Gilges-Richards, Sales and Marketing Manager

From peanut butter exporters to beer brewers, software developers and, reusable coffee cup manufacturers, the Wellington Gold Awards were a-buzz with innovative and inspirational local businesses.

Times-7 were nominated in the export category, Global Gold. After celebrating a record-breaking year, the team was incredibly proud to be recognized by the judges as a finalist. Despite not taking home the trophy, Times-7 is optimistic about their future business ventures and views themselves as a leading player in the New Zealand export market (and beyond!).


Global Presence

Kiwi businesses are recognized around the globe for their expertise in the film and SFX industries but did you know that there is a thriving technology sector right here in Wellington?

As a Lower Hutt manufacturer, Times-7 has seen growth in its manufacturing and export capabilities over the years and counts itself as one of the leading UHF RFID Antenna manufacturers that is globally recognized.

Times-7 CEO, Jos Kunnen, speaks of the event:

"At Times-7 we are inspired to show that we can successfully manufacture high tech in New Zealand and export globally. This year we sought to not merely survive but to thrive in these challenging times. I wish all the finalists [at the Wellington Gold Awards] continued success and growth in exporting innovative and quality New Zealand products to the world."

Exporting to over 50 countries, Times-7 has partners in every corner of the world. They are a people-focused company and strive to communicate and connect with every timezone. Head of Sales and Marketing, Giuliana Gilges Richards says:

"2020 has been a year of adaptation. We would usually be flying overseas to connect with and make new customers and thus we have had to think outside the box. This year we are building on our sales and marketing techniques and becoming masters of the virtual tradeshow as well as scheduling online webinars of our own. Times-7 is renowned for our customer service and reliability and we have made sure to maintain that during this somewhat crazy year!"


The Future

Times-7 proudly produces their products locally in New Zealand and believe it is their global duty to practice sustainable manufacturing. Which is why they are integrating sustainability into their company values and are looking to practice greener procedures in their daily workday. The Lower Hutt team is cautiously optimistic and Times-7 forecasts growth over the coming years as much of their work is directed towards valuable research & development alongside innovation and strategic sales & marketing.


Want to learn more about the Times-7 experience? Why not get in touch at sales@times-7.com.