Introducing Mike Caird, new director on the Times-7 board

Last year, after 9 years as a shareholder, Mike Caird was welcomed onto the Board of Directors of Times-7 Research Limited. In the years since his initial investment in the company, Mike has stayed connected and supported us through change and growth. "When Jos was looking for a Marketing graduate three years ago, I referred George Mitchell (a friend of my son Campbell), and he has been with Times 7 since,” said Mike. 

In 2022, the board's key strategy is to maintain the market share gains made in 2021 by executing our manufacturing strategy from our new facility. The board also intends on investing in new products for you to leverage for your customers’ benefit! 

On-time delivery of high-quality RFID antennas is a top priority for the board. 2021 was challenging with Covid-19 impacts, supply chain shortages, and the recent building move. However, our larger facility will allow antenna manufacturing to more than double in 2022. 

 Mike is a finance, taxation, accounting, and banking professional, and he hopes to help us grow with his skills in 2022. While on our board, Mike will focus on helping Times-7 to continue growing, with increased design and manufacturing capacity in the next few years. 

Mike brings unique expertise and perspective to Times-7 and we are delighted to have him join the board. Watch this space for more introductions to our board members. Get more information about our board of directors and their vision for Times-7 in 2022 by contacting