Troubleshooting Guide For Times-7 Mat Antennas

Our mats are designed and built to a high quality and rarely fail. However, occasionally a mat does not perform as expected. This guide is designed to assist with any troubleshooting.

Four Basic Tests to Locate a Potential Problem

1. Check the reader settings to make sure the antenna is powered correctly

2. Change the reader’s port, to find out if the port is defective.

3. Connect to the centre pin (positive) and to the outer thread (ground) of the coax connector using a multimeter to see if you can see 10 K Ohm resistance (the resistance can deviate plus/minus 1%).

4. Check the extension cable lead. Replace with a new lead and see if the problem is from the cable.

Connector Repair Procedure

If you suspect the mat connector has been damaged in some way, please download our connector repair instructions here.

Restriping Mats

If your Mat finish line gets damaged or you would like to fit so please proceed as follows:

Tools required:

  • White exterior grade duct tape (W: 50 mm, 2”)
  • Plastic primer, eg. 3M Primer 94, or similar
    Look online for your local 3M distributor.

The finish line on the mats is good quality duct tape available from all good hardware stores. The Mat material is very difficult to bond to. So, to ensure a strong and reliable bond a plastic primer must be used on the finish line area of the mat to aid adhesion. For the correct application, please, follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the primer.

Cleaning Mats

Our mats are rated IP66 and can be cleaned with warm soapy water, rinsed in fresh water and then air-dried.

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