The Decade-Long RFID Partnership: Times-7 and Arcadian

Partner Spotlight: Arcadian

In the world of RFID, the right partnerships can make all the difference. An example of a successful collaboration is the partnership between us and Arcadian Inc., a market-leading stocking distributor of RFID, wireless, radio, and networking products. Together we have driven innovation in the US RFID antenna landscape.  

Arcadian’s Journey as a Times-7 Distributor started in 2012 

Witnessing the rising demand for RFID solutions in the US market, Times-7 sought an American stocker and distributor. In December 2012, we took a strategic step towards strengthening our presence in North America by appointing Arcadian Inc. as our US distributor. Recognizing Arcadian's well-rounded technical knowledge assured us that they could expertly assist our customers with product inquiries, making them the ideal partner to represent our unique portfolio of antennas. 

Arcadian supplies 60% of all RFID antennas used by US RFID integrators and installers 

Arcadian’s comprehensive product range, supplying over 60% of all RFID antennas positions them as an unparalleled resource for RFID solutions. As the only wholesale distributor of Times-7 products in the United States, Arcadian is pivotal in ensuring that our innovative RFID solutions are readily accessible to customers. Their dedication is evident in maintaining a high stock level of Times-7 products, guaranteeing that customers can rely on prompt deliveries. 

Arcadian’s Value to Customers 

Arcadian not only offers financing options to retail customers, integrators, and installers of RFID products, but they also can take blanket orders and adjust order quantity line items. Collaborating closely with our materials, marketing and customer service teams, Arcadian ensures adequate stock levels for orders and maximizes product exposure to a wide range of potential customers. Their personalized customer support, with a team of experts, ensures customers receive the assistance they need to succeed with Times-7 products. 

As we progress through 2023, Arcadian and Times-7 remain committed to nurturing our partnership. “Together with Times-7 we want to continue to expand the US RFID antenna market. Times-7's antenna design is unmatched and their expertise in the space invaluable. Our customers know that. That is why we are not only committed to ensuring consistent stock of Times-7 antennas but also to grow our portfolio and continuously add new designs to meet the various demands of our solution providers."- Arcadian.  

The decade-long partnership between Times-7 and Arcadian exemplifies the power of collaboration in the RFID landscape.  Learn more about Arcadian here.  To join our global partner network, please get in touch

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