Times-7 Welcomes Skilled Migrants for 6 Week Internship

From left to right: Cameron Wilson, Production Engineer. María Daniela Ramírez Ochoa, Production Intern. Mehdi Dehghani, Sales Intern. Giuliana Gilges Richards, Sales & Marketing Manager.

For the past 6 weeks, Times-7 has opened its doors to two interns,  María Daniela Ramírez Ochoa and Mehdi Dehghani, from The Johnson Group Skilled Migrant Program.

Mehdi Dehghani joined the team from Iran as a Sales Engineer. He speaks of his internship:

"I worked as a Sales Engineer for a German company, Komrowski, for four years. After I came to New Zealand, I joined the skilled migrant course and upon finishing the theoretical sessions at Victoria University of Wellington, my internship started at Times-7. This was a vantage point for me to start learning and understand the Kiwi workplace and culture.

Throughout my internship, I collaborated with the Times-7 Sales Team. This was a valuable experience and I have learned a lot from my colleagues (Giuliana, George and Flora) and I was delighted to be a part of their team, even for a short time. Giuliana the Sales Manager was my mentor, and over the 6 weeks she became more of a friend. 

I believe the key to Times-7's success lies in their amazing people that work together like a family and create a professional and productive environment through solving different tasks together. I would like to thank you all for your patience, generosity, and kindness which I always felt and for giving me this opportunity to learn."

During her internship, Maria, who originates from Venezuela, gave valuable insights and analyzed how we can improve our operations in manufacturing. With a background in logistics and quality coordination, she was an excellent attribute to the Production Team. Maria said:

"Thanks to Times-7 for such an amazing experience and for opening its doors to the Skilled Migrant Programme. Thanks also to my mentor, Cameron, for his support during the 6 weeks and to the Production Team for their commitment to finding better ways to improve their operations."

Times-7 Production Engineer, Cameron Wilson, reflects on the internship:

"Maria added a huge amount of value to Times-7 that we will continue to see for some time to come. Maria was always happy and quickly became part of the production family. We miss her already!"

Times-7 wishes Maria and Mehdi the best of luck in their future career endeavors.

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